The practical application of fabric machine

The practical application of the manual fabric machine fabric machine concrete pump auxiliary equipment via standard delivery pipe and concrete pump connection, effectively solve the problem of the site of the wall cast cloth, to reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency, It played a very important role in manually placing boom is concrete pump auxiliary equipment, which is connected via a standard pump delivery pipe and concrete, effective solution to the problem of on-site wall cast cloth, to reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency, played a very important role. The fabric machine design is reasonable, double channel of the junction arm, structural stability can be *, rotating light and flexible. A 360 ° forward and backward rotation, the radius of gyration can be adjusted, the proper height of the tower, just easily pull the rope, you can arbitrarily change the fabric side who, it can be an efficient *, economical and practical characteristics. The concrete use of pressure along the pipeline continuous conveyor machinery. By the pump and delivery tube. Press structure is divided into piston, squeeze, pressure diaphragm. Pump mounted on the vehicle chassis, and then boom equipped with retractable or inflection, it is composed of pump.

Mixer Category Description

Blender is an effective device for material mixing, blending and Discovery sent. It is the widely used, not only for building materials, construction aspect is also used in pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, power, agriculture, coal and other industries. Mixers divided according to the structure uniaxial and biaxial mixer mixer mixer uniaxial two main transport effects, relatively poor stirring effect. Biaxial mixer mixing effect is good, smooth delivery results. Depending on the installation form is divided into vertical mixers and blenders two kinds of external vertical mixer is continuously stirred. Is a quantitative time the material. Horizontal mixer discharge time not only quantitative but also a stirring continuously feeding a material. Use according to the ratio of the power divided into general and powerful mixer mixer mixer is generally small power consumption. Capacity moderate conventional mixer. Intensive mixing is expected to achieve certain goals, to take forced mixing. Power consumption is relatively large, is a special mixer. For the above categories, here we focus on the principle of double-shaft mixer, use, parameter calculation and precautions. Biaxial mixer generally helical mixer, it was stirred for two symmetrically shaped member is provided with stirring blades of helical synchronous rotary body, which was stirred for two axes at the same speed of rotation, opposite rotational direction. Biaxial mixer generally powered by electric motors, power inconvenient in some places is also useful to provide diesel engine, to achieve a certain stirring speed. Can be used to convert the speed reducer, to achieve the best mixing effect.

Introduction and role of concrete placing machine

Concrete placing boom is pumping concrete terminal equipment, and its role is to be pumped through a pipeline to the inside of the concrete pouring for a template member. Rotor double roller type cloth dryer. Pump seal, squeeze the cloth machine rotor double roller type, straight tube three-wheel type and belt-slot type three. Diaphragm subsidence, concrete hopper pressure to open the check valve into the pump; when the pump is the water in the tank through the control valve to withdraw the pump, the water pressure so that the diaphragm rises, closed one-way valve is pressed into the concrete duct discharge. Squeeze the cloth machine displacement, depending on the radius of gyration and rotation speed of the rotor, squeeze the suction hose diameter and concrete volumetric efficiency.

The ability to follow the development of the construction industry in the building facing the parties now to adapt the machine and manipulate workers have a lot of requirements, the machine is more demanding requirements, in order to meet the new requirements of the construction of the development of extruded cloth machine. When the pump the water through the control valve below the diaphragm withdrew tanks, hydraulic diaphragm fabric machine consists of hopper, pump, diaphragm, control valves, pumps and tanks and other components.

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